Street Style 04

Hello all!
Well, it has been awhile, or maybe a couple of months, since I’ve updated my blog but I figured with the new year and all- I should really start doing this more often. I am not going to delete all my past posts, just in case some of you have your favorites, and I am also not going to post any of the past ones I’ve done on my flickr- those credits can be found on my flickr page. I want to start fresh, hence the new look of my blog. I did, however, post two of my most recent looks, mainly because I adore them so much. Anyway, here’s to a new year of blogging — let’s hope this sticks.

Street Style 04

Skin:: Glance – Lana
Eye Makeup:: Americano – Ella shadow
Hair:: Chemistry
Sunglasses:: House of Fox
Necklace:: Epoque
Jacket:: Chemistry (new!)
Shirt:: Le’fabric (new!)
Jeans:: RaMa RoWanberry (new!)
Shoes:: Leverocci
Bag:: Milk Motion

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